Hi!  I’m Amy.


Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the virtual universe.  I hope to use this blog to keep a record of the evolution of my garden, and my home, and my life.  I look forward to sharing what I’m learning from my vegetables, as well as recipes, projects, musings, house and garden tours, too many pictures of my dog, Wilson. . .


. . .and who knows what else?  I’d also like to thank you for motivating me to write and take photos on a more regular basis. 

I’ve kept a journal since I was six and this feels like a logical progression of that, with some major differences, for instance, you’re reading it. 

My dear, recently departed, Dad, a writer himself, gave me one of these page a day diaries with the little key for Christmas when I was in the first grade.


I remember vividly the excruciatingly arduous wait for January 1st when I could finally begin to write in it.  A week has never lasted so long.  I have kept a journal pretty much ever since.  I have boxes of them.  When I go back and reread them they are almost always about the same things.  Trying to figure out my life, i.e. thinking too much, and boys.  Always the boys.  And sometimes fun illustrations. And lots of lists. 

I’m older now, a soupcon wiser, and better at using my energy for good and not squandering it on boys.  When I’m not thinking too much, I use that creative energy to plan, garden, cook, make things, work on my house, do yoga, read, learn, write, walk my dog, think about trees, and hang out with my beloved family and friends.  I still make a lot of lists, and I still think too much, but I’m working on it.

One of the things I’ve been thinking about lately is that it’s important to define yourself by the things that you love, as opposed to the things that you’re opposed to.  To that end, in no particular order –

I love  – Trees.  Seed distribution.  Seed pods.  Outdoor showers.  Hot baths.  Anchovies.  Oysters.  Liz Phair.  Tilda Swinton.  Quiet moments of beauty.  Loud moments of beauty.  Reading.  The fact that people feel compelled to dance.  The fact that people feel compelled to write.  The fact that people feel compelled at all.  My dog, Wilson, deeply.  Patina.  Rust.  Lichen.  Driftwood.  Glitter.  Fireflies.  Fireworks. Cooking.  Vegetable gardening.  Perennial gardening.  The marriage of form and function and beauty, e.g.  Scissors.  Umbels.  Words.  Wood.  Art nouveau.  Josh Rouse.  Modest Mouse.  The Stereophonics.  Bones.  Dusk.  Guitars.  Banjos.  Botanical illustration.  Botanical Latin.  Finding free treasures.  Finding cheap treasures.  Finding treasures.  Found art.  First kisses.  Maps.  Taking walks in the woods with my dog.  Floating down a river.  Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Having a drink with the girls.  Typography.  Seeing inside other people’s houses.  A great book.  A great sunset.  Campfires.  Fires in the fireplace.  My family.  My friends.  My flokati rug.  Arugula.  Broccoli Raab.  Great photography.  Kindred Spirits.  Great garden and interior photography.  Certain interior design magazines (and Bon Appetit).  Melty glass in old windows.  Old mirrors.  Rainy days.  Clouds.  And much more!

Thanks again for stopping by. 

Namaste yo!


9 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. An absolutely delightful blog! The June pictures of the crostini are mouth watering. I’m not a gardener, but your creativity attracts me each reading. Knowing your parents in their salad days, I’m not surprised by your talent. Your mom, whom I haven’t seen in almost 50 years but with whom I correspond, put me onto your blog. I am grateful.


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