This is Wilson.  The Wonderdog. 


He is two years old and weighs about 25 lbs. 

He’s a terrier mix, but I like to tell people he’s an Ozark Ring-Tailed Tooter, in fact I can’t help it, it’s like a tic.  I think they hear “Ring-Tailed Tudor”, see the perfect ring around his lovely tail, and think, “How handsome, how regal, it must be a new breed I haven’t heard of.”  There’s a reason for that.      

Wilson is a great help in navigating my world.  He has his priorities straight and has the remarkable ability to be happy anywhere and anytime.  He keeps it pretty simple.  I think anyone can benefit from that example. 

He loves hanging out in the garden and he loves vegetables both to eat and to play with.  Especially tomatillos, but also carrots, green beans, cherry tomatoes, radishes, potatoes.  Don’t leave any lying around.

You’ll get to know him in these pages, as he’s usually not too far from me.  Unless there’s a squirrel, or a garage with clearance and cat food.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT WILSON

  1. We should all have a ring-tailed tooter! It would make the world a better place. I have laid-back Lucy and she’s pretty special too. Love your blog.


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